Friday 5 July 2013

How to find your Dream Theme:

Struggling to tie it all together? Read the handy guide and panic no more...

Winter Wonderland

For Narnia magic any time of year...

Think… glitter balls and sprayed willow; white roses and mistletoe; flickering church candles and a crackling fire.

Details… mulled wine and quince pies (the foodie ingredient right now); faux fur wraps and diamante brooches; midnight-blue marquee liners dotted with fairy lights.

Personalise with… a cake covered with white meringue icicles and tables scattered with paper snowflakes (find snowflake hole punches at art shops).

Rustic barn dance

For a folksy farmyard feel...

Think… hay bales in a field; barrels of cider; a hoedown band and caller.

Details… wellies, watering cans and wheelbarrows full of flowers; a festive hog roast; homemade twig hearts; centrepieces of colorful fruits and squash.

Personalise with…heart-shaped blackboards where guests can scrawl messages and doodles and pose with in groups (great for the guest book).


For a day of theatrical flourishes

Think… Marie Antoinette and terraced ballrooms; gilt mirrors and chandeliers with table names in ornate frames.

Details… lavender bags and pretty fans; silver flower bowls of lilac and violet; sherpherdess crooks wound with ribbons for flowergirls; bouffant hair with diamante pins, and dresses with big bustles.

Personalise with… antique ivory invitations decorated with a cameo brooch motif, and names written in elegant 18th-century-style calligraphy.

English country garden

For your midsummer night’s dream...

Think… wisteria-clad walls and Pimm’s on the lawn; a string quartet; elderflower wine and strawberries with cream.

Details… roses or peonies in classic vases; flower girls with fairy wings and trees draped with pretty lanterns.

Personalise with… pots of fragrant lavender and herbs for favours, and raffia-tied napkins with sprigs of rosemary.

Around the world

For couples who love to travel...

Think… world music and steel drums; an international menu; colourful flags; vintage-cool passport stamps.

Details… airmail-style invitations; mini suitcases as centrepiece containers; a kaleidoscope of coloured flowers, cake layers decorated like luggage; boarding-card place names.

Personalise with… tables named after cities or countries you both love. Use a giant world map on an easel as a table plan and attach a list of guests’ names to each location with pretty pins.

By the seaside

For chilled-out, sand-between-your-toes romance...

Think… a blessing on the shore; beach huts; his and hers flip-flops; multi-coloured pinwheels and pebbles as decoration.

Details… orders of service printed on fans; piles of rustic daisies; driftwood table names; storm lanterns; jars of seashells; fresh oysters and an ice-cream truck.

Personalise with… a unity sand ceremony. You and your groom each pour sand of a different colour into a single vase to symbolise your coming together as one.

Old Hollywood

For all-out glitz with a hint of nostalgia...

Think… classic starlet style a la Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe; an ornate ballroom; sophisticated up-dos; black-tie and floor-length bridesmaids’ dresses.

Details… smoky eyes; white calla lilies; crystal candelabra; pearl-and-rhinestone hair combs; a lace-patterned cake; laser-cut invites; live music by Big Band-style group; a vintage Rolls Royce.

Personalise with… a chic cocktail bar where a white-jacketed mixologist shakes up classic martinis, Manhattans, Whisky Sours and Sidecars.

Autumn romance

For a harvest vibe with a quirky Halloween twist...

Think… falling leaves; golden light; bowls of apples; burnt orange accents.

Details… Witches Brew cocktails; gingersnap biscuits; carrot wedding cake; masquerade-mask flavours; carved pumpkin table centres; warm candlelight; an outdoor campfire with toasted marshmellows and blankets for guest to wrap up warm in.

Personalise with… a message tree. Instead of a guest book, have guests write well wishes on hand-crafted paper autumn leaves and tie them to the branches with bits of twine.


For the princess inside every bride...

Think… voluminous satin ball gown and elbow-length gloves; a horse and carriage ride to your historic-mansion venue; romantic arrangements of roses.

Details… scroll invitations sealed with wax; a harpist; vintage editions of fairytale classics; tall glass vases filled with gypsophila; glass-slipper favour boxes.

Personalise with… an ice sculpture or wedding cake in the shape of a castle for a dreamy focal point during the reception.

Whats your wedding style???

What’s your wedding style...

Up to your ears in bridal magazines but no idea what style to go for? Our quick quiz will help you work out a wedding style all your own!
What's your wedding style?

Planning a wedding can be daunting. Everyone expects you to immediately have an exact idea of how, when and where you want your celebration as soon as that sparkler is slipped on your finger. Figuring out your wedding style might seem a gargantuan task but once you’ve defined your priorities and choices, it will emerge as distinctly. Take this quiz to help you on your way….

Ever since you were a little girl you’ve fantasized about your big day being…
a) A big over-the-top performance with you in the lead role as the princess bride
b) A stylish, intimate gathering attended by your close friends and family
c) A big party with everyone celebrating your nuptials, preferably abroad
d) A fun, laid-back affair with minimum stress
e) It’s too hard to pick just one, you want them all!

You dream dress is…
a) Big, beautiful and white, naturally, with sparkles and bows. Ooh, and a veil!
b) A glamorous figure-slimming gown that flatters your figure and is a timeless style
c) Sexy and feminine, something that wouldn’t look out of place if you got married outdoors
d) A romantic lace vintage number, just like your mum’s.
e) Something versatile that could suit any occasion

You imagine your bouquet to be…
a) A classic posy of cream and pink roses
b) An over-arm bouquet of long-stemmed lilies
c) Bright, bold orchids
d) Lots of wild flowers – probably picked that morning
e) Bright arum lilies because they’re simple and versatile but eye-catching

When it comes to cutting the cake. It’ll be….
a) A three-tier affair complete with white icing – the bigger the better!
b) A mouth-watering tower of profiteroles
c) A colourful concoction decorated with exotic flowers
d) A cascade of fairy cakes made by you the day before…
e) A simple white chocolate delight that will suit any occasion

Your biggest wedding stress will be…
a) Er, all of it. This will be the biggest affair your friends and family have ever seen!
b) Ensuring everything is tastefully and stylishly done to your high standards
c) Convincing your gran to get on a plane
d) Nothing, what’s to worry about?
e) Trying to co ordinate lots of different events.
Photo Oliver Gordon

If you’ve answered mostly a’s: Fairytale fancy
You’ve dreamed of being a princess ever since you were a little girl and nothing is going to stop you from having a right royal day. Part of you is tempted to have trumpeters announcing your arrival and you’re determined that this will be the wedding to end all weddings.
DO Think about hiring a wedding planner. If you want to be a princess, you might as well have staff!
DON’T Forget to focus on what your day is about – marrying your prince. It’s too easy to get caught up in the spectacle rather than the sentiment.

If you’ve answered mostly b’s: Contemporary chic
You want your big day to be a testament to your own style and finesse. This will be a modern affair that will be straight out of the pages of a magazine and while you want a traditional day, you want it to feel contemporary too.
DO choose a colour or theme as soon as possible, as this will help you create the streamlined, stylish wedding you desire
DON’T forget to include your groom when planning. He might not ‘get’ the style you’re going for, but this is his day too!

If you’ve answered mostly c’s: Tropical treat
You want an utterly un-English wedding far away from the grey weather. As long as the sun is beating down and there’s a party atmosphere, you’ll be happy. You’ll be incorporating traditional elements but, as far as you’re concerned, this is to be a fiesta of colour and celebration of love…
DO Contact a tour company to help you arrange all the details for your day.
DON’T Be disappointed if some friends or family can’t attend. An overseas wedding can be costly and even with plenty of notice they may not be able to come

If you’ve answered mostly d’s: A Boho Show
You want your wedding to be unique and to reflect your spirit. You’ve got a million ideas, but won’t be using a wedding planner. This wedding will be an organic event with friends doing flowers and you making favours.
DO Formulate all your ideas in a scrapbook to get a sense of how it will all come together.
DON’T be so relaxed you leave everything to the last minute. Even the most relaxed wedding days need some organisation or things will grind to a halt.

If you’ve answered mostly e’s: Mix and match matrimony
You want a week-long event that can incorporate all your desires for your big day (and allow you to wear your dream dress more than once!). You could have a church ceremony at home in front of close friends and family, a blessing abroad or vice versa. You might even have a party the night before your wedding for even more people. The options are endless.
DO Set a strict budget or costs could spiral out of control very quickly!
DON’T Try and do it all alone. Most brides struggle to organise one big day, let alone three or four. Enlist the help of friends, family and, if you can afford one, a wedding planner.

Thursday 27 June 2013

So your engaged, now what...

Because details matter!
Every element, large or small, contributes to the success of your celebration. A Stylish Affair Wedding Planning, provides you with all the resources and knowledge to make your wedding truly memorable. We take pride in working with you to find your personalized style and taking your vision to new heights.
Following initial contact via telephone, email or word of mouth referral, we believe it is important to meet personally to discuss what ideas you have for your wedding. What are your priorities? We will discuss your vision for your special day. What areas do you feel you would like Smooch Wedding & Event Designers can assist you with?

This initial meeting often serves as a launching pad to an exciting collaboration of ideas and desires that will result in the wedding that you’ve dared to dream aloud.

This initial consultation service is compliments of Smooch Wedding & Event Designers.

Complete Coordination Services
A terrific option for busy professionals, destination weddings or anyone looking for exclusive, personalized service during this emotional and often overwhelming time. From our first meeting and on throughout the planning process you can relax and be at ease knowing that A Stylish Affair has taken care of every detail, working with the bride and groom from conception to completion with unlimited creative and logistical communication to ensure that your personal style, and your vision is brought to life, creating a most memorable event.

"Day Of" Services
Your wedding day, while beautiful, is also a very emotional one and can be quite overwhelming. Unfortunately, many couples believe that their reception will run itself but realistically, like any other significant event, it requires several hours of logistic preparation and coordination.
Let us help you orchestrate your special day to allow you to spend this cherished time with your loved ones. Your personal planner will act as director, troubleshooter and the calming force behind the hectic activities of the day. As industry professionals, we cannot stress enough the importance of this service. All last minute details are taken care of to ensure that you and your family can simply relax and enjoy your celebration.

Personalized Inspiration Sessions

Because every couple needs a different level of support!

Theme Development
Wedding Styling
Budget Management
Timeline Management
Creative Ideas for Décor
Vendor Referrals and Selection
Contract Negotiations or Reviews
Event Design and Décor
Wedding Favors and Welcome Bags
Entertainment and Music selection

Special Occasion Events:

Whether toasting a birthday or anniversary, organizing a New Year's Eve gala or Fundraiser, or throwing a celebration or theme party, we help our clients articulate a vision or theme for their event and then make it a reality.

Our planners will coordinate the countless details and manage the various talented and knowledgeable professionals working to help you make your event a success.

Corporate Events:

Our strategy for delivering successful and effective corporate functions is to work with our clients to develop the event goals, budget guidelines and marketing objectives, formulating an integrated event marketing plan. Whether it is a new product launch, staff party, client appreciation event, or seminar or corporate retreat, we have the expertise to produce your next customized corporate event.